Disney's World of Color

A few weeks ago, I got to experience Disney's World of Color. It was pretty amazing to see bright florescent colors illuminating the water that shot up towards the sky.  Just think of the Bellagio water show, but 1000x better!  What makes it better is the integration of different Disney stories and characters, giving it Walt Disney's magical touch.  Of course with all this water shooting hundreds of feet towards the sky, the law of gravity has taught us what goes up, must come down.  You know what that means? -- Yes, you are more than likely to get wet while you watch, so be prepared.  World of Color is by far, one of the most visually appealing shows in DCA yet.  Photographs can only show so much.  You'll have to experience it yourself in order to feel the magic. :)

Disneys World of Color.jpg
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