Original Banksky Artwork For Only $60


Wait what? Yes, that's correct.. Banksky anonymously set up a stall in Central Park with an unambiguous sign that said "Spray Art" for $60 a piece. They were signed, original canvases of his work, and only sold eight pieces to three customers by the end of the day.

His work normally sells for tens of thousands of dollars, yet he only made a total of $420 at that stall. Why? Like the rest of his artwork, Banksky was deliberately trying to make a point. This stall was the thirteenth installation of his New York exhibit, "Better Out Than In". He later posted a video on his site showing what happened during the day.

The point he was trying to prove could be open to interpretation. I believe he cleverly executed his "artwork" for that day. Many people would have an uncertainty of whether these signed pieces were real, but I think that was exactly the point Banksky was trying to make. People in today's society are so fixated on the "brand name" of products rather than the content within. They should really just focus on what they like instead of focus on what brand a product is.

As a result of mainstream society's behavior, which was clearly demonstrated in this video, New Yorkers and serious art collectors missed out on this rare opportunity to own an original stencil by Banksky. Well played, Banksky, well played.

Source: Banksky

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